Advertise on the BIG SCREEN during at entertainment experience that everyone enjoys. Because... Who doesn't like going to the movies?

Big Screen benefits as a media:

  • -Great image and spectacular sound.
  • -No zapping.
  • -Target segmentation by selecting movies.
  • -Captive audience.
  • -Engagement environment.


Cinema advertising throughout the theater. Learn more.

Cinevision's screen advertising formats


Slide Digital

slide digital


Not having a tv spot it’s not a problem anymore, Cinevision can produce an animated clip using your campaing elements and message.





Maximize the impact of your campaign with your spot on big screen, and and benefit incredible clarity, vibrant colors and spectacular sound, a real Cinema experience.

Cinevision's innovative and exclusive advertising formats


Product placement



Present to an exclusive cinema audience and intensify your campaign message with Cinevision's production services and pre-show's host, hightlighting the key product/brand attributes.


Brand activations



Interact with your audience. This is the best way to generate brand awareness through live activities with the moviegoers.


Content Spornsorships




Let your brand be part of our pre feature show "Spotlight" through sponsor opportunities of our exclusive entertainment content.



Click here to learn more about Spotlight 

logo spotlight promo